Emily Iaquinta

Young Diane

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Catskill, New York, United States
Pop Up Girl since 26 November 2020

Toeing the line between Carrie Bradshaw & CBGB, Young Diane delivers playful pearls for everyday wear. Most recently featured in the New York Times. Please visit YoungDiane.com ☻


Meet The Pop Up Girl!

With the sour lemons 2020 brought, Emily Iaquinta made sweet lemonade by founding Young Diane, home to pearl jewelry with personality.

Emily grew up in Metro Detroit, Michigan, and has been living in New York City for the last decade (and then some). The alias "Young Diane' is created from her middle name (Diane), which is also her maternal grandmother's first name, thus making her grandmother "Elder" Diane and Emily "Young" Diane. Her inspiration comes from nostalgic cult films, the glam rock movement, and breakfast cereal.


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