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Bristol, United Kingdom
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Xdeniz is a platform that connects you to a network of artisans. Our aim is to make sustainability accessible. Led by a Turkish mother-daughter duo, the Xdeniz community is all about celebrating authenticity, heritage and feminism. Handmade by women, every piece is created with a focus on timeless designs, ethical production, and responsibly sourced materials. As each garment is made from balls of yarn, we only use what is required for each piece resulting in a zero-waste practise. Zeynep founded Xdeniz in 2019 with the idea of bringing crochet, a generational craft, to new audiences with a modern and sustainable approach. Whilst living in the UK, Zeynep was inspired by her retired mom’s desire to contribute to society with her skills. She saw an opportunity to support networks of artisans from anywhere in the world.


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