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Manchester, United Kingdom
Pop Up Girl since 12 October 2021

Vellva is a one-woman, independent British jewellery label that celebrates and reimagines found Marie-Claire's grandma's vintage Italian jewellery for the modern wardrobe. Our pearl jewellery is handmade to order in Manchester and is PETA-Approved Vegan.


Meet The Pop Up Girl!

Hi, my name is Marie-Claire and I'm the founder and one-woman team behind Vellva, an independent British jewellery label creating iconic jewellery inspired by Italy. 

Forever fascinated by my Italian grandma's jewellery collection, I started Vellva in 2018 to celebrate and reimagine vintage jewellery for the modern wardrobe. The name Vellva comes from the tiny mountain village in Liguria, where my grandma's family came from as a tribute to her as the original #VellvaIcon. 

The photos show my grandma as a young woman in the 1950s and aged 90 in 2021, trying on my first collection of pearl jewellery (she requested the pink sunglasses for the Baddie Winkle vibes). 

When I deisgn and create jewellery I'm inspired by both timeless, classic jewellery box staples and kitsch statement pieces, and my aim is to marry them together to create a unique Vellva aesthetic. Italy - its culture, religion, architecture, colours, and design, is always at the forefront of my mind when designing. 

I hope you enjoy Vellva jewellery as much as I love creating it! 





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