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My name is Frank, I'm English but I live in Amsterdam, and during the pandemic I rediscovered my love of creating my own clothing. About two years earlier I'd made a resolution to stop the purchase of new clothes, and I wanted that ethos to flow through to the clothes I created. Always a lover of vintage, thrift and everything in-between, it made perfect sense to use materials found in my local second-hand stores and from that base, Made By Frank was born. All of the pieces I make are created using these up-cycled materials, either old duvets, curtains, table clothes, pre-loved clothes and materials which are no longer wanted. This means all my pieces are either one-off or very limited, and it also means i can make all my designs out of a great array of materials, so if you love a style, but not the fabric - let me know! I can make for any size and shape and LOVE a special commission, so message me any time and find me on Instagram for more pics!


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