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London, United Kingdom
Pop Up Girl since 6 August 2021

ISO Studio Drawing a lot of inspiration from the film industry, designing pieces that reflect the characters, plot lines, shapes, colours and settings in creating unique garments and accessories. With a bold print design aesthetic different textures and digitally illustrated. I created ISO as a celebration of my cultural heritage and to showcase our unique style and creativity. I draw further inspiration from my on-going interests in pop-culture, art, music & travel, which comes across in the creative and innovative way I use materials. Working from a mixture of vibrant colour palettes I incorporate soft comforting fabrics and classical designs into my work. ​From scratch I design, create, source materials and produce each item. ​The uniquely inspired fabric designs are considerately sourced alongside the recyclable packing materials that I use. My signature styles are the sleek quilted bucket hats to the beautifully crafted floppy hats. ​


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