Alexandra Papathanasiou

Daughter of Helios

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Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
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Daughter of Helios is a collection of minimalist bohemian brass jewellery, handmade in Edinburgh, inspired by Greece. Inspired by the sun, the night sky and all things mystical, I create modern talismans with references to ancient civilisations. All of my jewellery is made by hand in my studio, from brass wire and sheet which I saw, drill, solder and file into the pieces you see here. Everything is individually produced, therefore no two pieces will be completely identical. My jewellery is 100% vegan, meaning I don't use animal products, either in the finished product, or at any stage in its production. Sustainability is at the forefront of my work, and I choose to work with brass as it is almost always produced from recycled scrap metal, rather than raw materials.


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