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We are Clothes Before Bros! A brand fighting for equality & sustainability, with a goal to be a brand in which every woman would be proud to support. Our collection of T-shirts & accessories are lovingly designed to be as kick-ass as the women they are created for. After all, when women empower each other, incredible things can happen. We are a part of the feminist fashion revolution in every stage of our production process. Our designs feature bold motifs and stand-out slogans in order to continue the conversation through clothing. Being a sustainable female-empowering feminist brand, we also wanted to let you know that this includes anyone who identifies as a female, a feminist, or anyone in between! We are trying our best to be as inclusive as we possibly can however you identify Many high street brands produce 'girl power' t-shirts but pay their factory workers poorly; not even enough to live from. We support ethical fashion practices by sourcing all of our clothing from deadstock & vintage, to prevent adding to the unfair factory workload.


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